George Smith

George Smith

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George Smith has developed a highly focussed but relaxed way of using paint. For a while he was wholly absorbed by tactile processes and created large scale works using his hands as his main tools. More recently on mid scale canvases using a brush to apply paint once in while throughout the day. He will often sit next to a canvas for a long time before making a mark. But when this happens it appears highly spontaneous and unpressured by an over consideration of the result.

George is Sam Smith’s slightly older brother and they live with their mother, writer, Charlotte Moore near Hastings. He is energetic and inquisitive about almost everything keeping a close eye on the studio dynamics and taking an interest in other people. He works with Project Art Works on a weekly basis and has been involved in different programmes for some years.

Born: 1990

 In the Realm of Others will be the first time George’s work has been publicly exhibited.

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