Jonathan Rogers

Jonathan Rogers

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Jonathan Rogers creates paintings with vibrant washes of colours of various consistencies. Composed largely of vertical and horizontal sweeps worked and reworked across the canvas, his paintings develop gradually by building up layers of translucent marks. As part of the structure of his work, Jonathan frequently intersperses painting with a separate drawing activity, either on paper or in his sketchbook. These compositions in pencil depict characters and lettering revealing his personality and humour, sometimes referring to specific people or favourite food and drink.

Increasingly, Jonathan uses a word or a few words to communicate interest in his own and other’s artworks in the studio. He recently started speaking through a long cardboard tube, enjoying interactions where his sounds and words are easily amplified.

Jonathan makes regular trips ‘upstairs’ to show other members of staff and visitors to the building his work and progress and collects biscuits in the top pocket of his overalls as a gift to others in the studio. He is keen to be photographed alongside his paintings and will stand upright and still for the photographer.

Besides attending the studios, Jonathan leads a very active, independent and sociable life, enjoying parties, music and gardening.


‘Littoral Drift’, Coastal Currents, Hastings 2015

‘Heroes, Dreams and Visions’, Hastings Arts Forum, 2011

‘If a picture’s worth a thousand words…’, Hastings Arts Forum 2010


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