Birds and Nests Michelle Roberts

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Michelle Roberts, Birds and Nests, 2006/07

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Product Description

Michelle Robert’s paintings are ambitious in scale, conception and realisation. The subjects relate to lived experience such as a holiday, a visit to the ‘Dinosaur World’ exhibition or an Air Show, while others celebrate events such as the Diamond Jubilee, Remembrance Day or films that she’s seen. Photographs are used for reference, but only in passing, as clues or prompts rather than images to be slavishly copied. The drawing is carefully detailed, finely subdividing shapes and forms into patterns and displays fine control without hesitation or correction. The composition is coloured using paint, brush-pens or a combination of these. Colour is used freely with only rare adherence to the local colour of the subject.

She is highly methodical in her execution demonstrating strong self-discipline and consistency over extended periods, usually ten to fourteen weeks to complete a work.

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