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Family Stories is a series of films that share the perspectives of neurodivergent people and caregivers.

The first four films introduce Mandy and Gabby who talk about their lives together and their experiences of navigating education and social care systems. Each film is accompanied by a glossary of terms and further resources.

The films and lived experiences of neurodivergent people and caregivers will be explored further at the Support Collective event being held at Hastings Contemporary on Thursday 29th April. Sign up to attend.

Film 1: Gabby and Mandy

GABBY & MANDY from projectartworks on Vimeo.

In this film Mandy talks about living together as a family, what creative practice means to them, the way neurodivergent people are seen in society and how this has changed over time.

Download the Resources that accompany this film.

Film 2: Moving into Adulthood 

In this film Mandy talks about when Gabby left school and the uncertainty of what would happen next. It explores how Mandy managed to secure a Personal Budget so that Gabby could continue pursuing her interests and education. Mandy shares what’s involved when managing a Personal Budget. Gabby is now at an age where her current funding will end – Mandy talks about how they are trying to ensure the next stage of Gabby’s funding is in place.

Download the related Resources.

Film 3: Home Life and the Future (Coming soon)

Mandy talks about what home and family life means to them, what they enjoy doing, and what the future could look like as her daughter is now an adult.

Download the related Resources.

Film 4: Rights and Support (Coming soon)

In this final film, Mandy shares her experience of the difficulties of navigating health and social care systems, finding and obtaining what you are entitled to, and the impact this has on family carers.

Download the related Resources.

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