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We have always enjoyed arts and craft things, but we mainly left the art work to the team at Project art works. 

Thankfully the sessions continued via zoom weekly throughout the pandemic.

But this time, with the sessions being virtual we had to really step up our art game! 

With Project Art Works’ amazing team of support and weekly parcels, myself and Wendy’s confidence and art skills have massively improved.  So much so that we created our own ‘wall gallery’ which has now completely taken over the kitchen. We are super proud of what we have created, and it has enabled the staff here to see what we have been doing, and every week we are thinking of new ideas. Claire has loved the sessions, and it’s really kept us going through such times. We have found ourselves getting creative in ways we never thought we would have, exploring out in the garden and using what we found for our creations, making bubbles out of household items, light shows, music sensory session and much, much more, it’s been an amazing journey to be a part of and we can’t thank Project Art Works enough! 

Lauren Kildea ( Claire Matthews Support Worker)