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Project Art Works is a global partner for documenta fifteen which will take place over 100 days between June 18 until September 25, 2022 in Kassel, Germany.

Find out more about the festival here.

In the frame of lumbung / documenta fifteen, Project Art Works is one of 15 artists collectives and organisations that work all over the world on socially oriented artistic practices and according to lumbung values.  The basic question for us all is to survive and keep on doing what we do, and with that, contribute to the sustainability of our ecosystems of artists, activists, and  communities. In the frame of documenta fifteen we have been invited to experiment in a more international setting with thinking on what sustainability for this ecosystem could mean and be in many senses: economic, educational, ecological, health and wellbeing, knowledge, resources, humour, and solidarity.

We will introduce other documenta fifteen lumbung organisations over the coming weeks. Introducing here Britto from Bangladesh

Britto Arts Trust (Britto) is an artist-run non-profit collective officially founded in 2002 in Dhaka, Bangladesh, with a global reach as part of the Triangle Network. Britto Arts Trust is based in Dhaka, but works extensively in different locations across the country. Britto attempts to understand Bangladesh’s socio-political upheaval by exploring missing histories, cultures, and communities and collaborating with various partners. It responds by gathering knowledge and resources, sharing the collective’s thoughts and ideas, and creating artworks in connection and collaboration with local communities.

Image: Gudskul: A diagram of Gudskul’s lumbung practice with three vital resource components, 2020