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I have been connecting with Paul in lockdown using Zoom and working closely with Paul’s support team to explore new ways of communication and collaboration.

Paul enjoys photography, images of his family, friends and trips. I began to drop off materials each week for Paul to open during Zoom sessions. Paul enjoys the ‘reveal’ and ‘discovery’ of opening boxes and envelopes and sharing the exploration of objects on screen. Some objects have been made for Paul to explore however he wishes, others have been prepared for him to interpret and reimagine during the session. It has been an interesting experiment to see what really doesn’t work as well as great successes.

During one particular session, Paul’s support worker said ‘I almost forgot for a moment we were in different places’. Paul’s sessions are made possible with the huge help and goodwill that comes from his support team.

On certain weeks the whole Parachute Club Artist team have joined Paul’s sessions for a group Zoom. The team has explored music, dressing up, face painting, colour, sound, and performances with props, such as; coloured acetate, kitchen utensils, silver foil, and balloons.

The spring light has been crisp and clear – perfect for Cyanotype printing! Paul selected images he took himself in earlier studio sessions, or that he and his team had provided on their own adventures. We have also experimented with paper windmills, 3d puzzles, mount card light boxes with torches and acrylic painted on acetate.

This alternative way of working has opened doors to which Paul has interacted and engaged with in new ways. I look forward to this knowledge informing new ideas when we are able to work together in the studio again.

Written by: Parachute Club Artist – Georgie Scott.


Featured image. ‘Paul holding Paulo’s hands on the stairs at Hastings contemporary, the week before studio closures. Cyanotype print. 23rdApril 2020’

1.Lee, Paul and Georgie with face paints during a Zoom session.

2.Cyanotype made with images of Paul’s family and friends

3.Collage offering

4.The Thursday Parachute team during a group Zoom session with Paul