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It has been great to see and hear each other in real time through Zoom studios, and there have been magical moments in that environment. Not everybody can access Zoom and, even for those who can, it misses the physicality of being together – the subtle smells, movements of air and minute responses that can’t be picked up through sometimes-glitchy audio or video.

Exchanges through the post have become a reliable way for Tuesday’s Studio to stay connected. Art materials, to be used in online sessions and other personalised packages have been sent out to individuals.

Here, the artist team share some of these offerings with you, and say a little about what they mean…

Tuesday Accelerate Studios - Studio B - Louise

“I packaged up some materials that might remind Louise of the studio and of things she likes to do. Concertinas for making up stories, a photograph to draw on top of and a drawing relay concertina book to add to. Louise likes drawing people she knows and that are important to her so I sent a drawing of Mark, a studio artist and a blank stamped addressed postcard inviting her to draw someone and send it back to us.” – Annis

Tuesday Accelerate Studios - Studio B -Marion

“Marion likes to make a stack of drawing with a sharpie that she then paints. Each week we are sending her a set of different sized and shaped watercolour paper for her to draw on. She says she wants to bring them back to the studio to paint.” – Mark


Tuesday Accelerate Studios - Studio B - Stanley

Tuesday Accelerate Studios - Studio B - Stanley

Over the years that we have known you, Stan, one constant has remained true and never changing; your love of motorbikes. We have made some drawings of different types on handy collectible cards that we thought you might enjoy. Every week, we will post you a few more, we wonder if you might fancy a go at drawing some yourself? We feel sure your versions will be sleeker and faster than ours….” – Mark


“After speaking to Claire’s mum about the serious challenges they are facing during the pandemic, I wanted to send them something to make them smile. Claire loves snakes and enjoys exploring different textures; she has been sent an image of a beautiful blue viper head to paint his body, an ink drawing of a European grass snake head with a range of different collage materials to make her body, and two fluffy snakes in a box that she can decorate.” – Sarah