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In the lead up to a major new exhibition at  BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art in September Tim Corrigan will share, through a series of Instagram posts, some of the people and processes that have shaped the work of Project Art Works since its inception in 1997 – Tracing the evolution of the organisation alongside the people who continue to influence it today.

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“Project Art Works started as a conversation between two artists (Kate Adams and Jon Cole) over 25 years ago.

Initially working with school children, they set about creating a series of projects, and eventually an organisation, to celebrate the abilities that people have, rather than getting them to conform to pre-meditated ideas of success and failure.

Deeply rooted in the personal and political, Kate and Jon’s conversation was about the value of the mark, why it was important for an individual to represent themselves with integrity, and how they could facilitate that through creative practice.

It was about the rights and representation of individuals and groups who often endured deep prejudice within society, and the start of a person-centred approach that remains at the heart of our practice.

Pictured here are Jon and Kate working with pupils from a school in Hastings at the inaugural workshops in 1997.

Tragically Jon Cole died in 2007, we miss him every day.”

Tim Corrigan, Project Art Works

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