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Project Art Works opens Residential at Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art as part of Explorers.

Project Art Works has an archive of over five thousand physical works accumulated over 25 years, that embody a visible trace of people who are often hidden in the world. These are represented at Baltic by an exhibition of large-scale paintings in the Ground Floor gallery. A new film of our studios, I’ve Got Ideas, Don’t You Worry, sits within the exhibition revealing the subtle and expansive nature of speaking and non-speaking creativity and communication.

Following awareness raising and relationship building in the North East of England, the exhibition includes a programme of workshops for local people, families and caregivers. A studio installation next to the main space will host a series of collaborative events that bring partners and collaborators, audiences and artists together in creative production.

Discover the programme of events connected to Residential at Baltic, including residencies and talks.

This exhibition is dedicated to Robbie Gordon and Edward Purdey.

Images: Residential, Project Art Works. Photography by Reece Straw © 2023 Baltic

Residential forms part of Explorers, a national programme of art and conversation generating productive and creative collaborations between cultural organisations artists and paid and unpaid caregivers. Explorers aims to increase visibility and representation of neurominorities in society, art and culture.

Explorers is supported by Arts Council England and Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

Image: Albert Geere, House with Red Window, 2011

Artists: Kate Adams, Liam Ash, Alison, Aida Ashall, Connor Ashley, El BassLuke Bebb, Michael Bounds, Sammy Brooks, Paul Colley, Andrew Cooper, Tim Corrigan, Edward Cox-Smith, Oliver Crowther, Natalie Dance, Mark Daniels, Sara DareDion Downes, Sarah Dunne, Stanley Ellis, Gemma, Amy FentonPatricia Finnegan, Siddharth Gadiyar, David Geall, Albert Geere, Joe Goldman, Jack Goldsmith, Charlotte Hanlon, Peter Hersey, Rachel HineCherry LaneLucy Jenion, Neville Jermyn, Annis Joslin, Eden Kötting, Aisha al-Kurd, Thomas Lepora, Lucy, Claire Matthews, Leila McMillan, Heidi Nice, Louise Newham, Sean Ormonde, India O’Sullivan, Magda Patza, Johnny Pell, Sharif Persaud, Phoebe, Ellen Prebble, Peter Quinell, Gabby R, Michelle Roberts, Georgie Scott, Carl Sexton, Maya Shapiro Steen, Will ShepherdGeorge Smith, Sam Smith, Darryl Spencer, Charlotte Stephens, Sarah T, Katie Taylor, Christopher Tite, Marion Willis.

Project Art Works Administrative & Creative team:

Kate Adams, Emily Baines, Helen Charlton, Tim Corrigan, Jessica Courtney Bennett, Sara Dare, Wendy Routley, Martin Swan.

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Visiting the Baltic, find out more here:

Press Enquiries

For the press release about Residential please visit

Jessica Courtney Bennett
Communication and Projects Manager, Project Art Works
[email protected] +44 (0)1424 423555

Craig Astley
Head of Communications, Baltic
[email protected] +44 (0)191 440 4913



From September 23, 2023
to February 25, 2024

Location: BALTIC, Gateshead, NE8 3BA