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Next in our programme of window installations at Claremont we reveal the work of Charlie Thomas, a regular maker who attends our Accelerate Parachute Club.

Charlie’s current practice stems from his love of architecture and well-known buildings. Charlie likes to set himself impossible challenges, such as recreating the De La Warr Pavilion out of matchsticks which is the main focus of this installation.

Charlie visited the space at Claremont with Sally, our Gallery & Projects Coordinator earlier this year to plan the installation.

The installation will be up for until the end of February.

This building is a community asset transfer between East Sussex County Council and Heart of Hastings.

Heart of Hastings plan to renovate the building into an explicitly inclusive, creative and affordable neighbourhood hub for living, working and community action. In partnership with Heart of Hastings, Project Art Works will open the ground floor of this building.

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