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About volunteering at Project Art Works

The work of volunteers has made a huge contribution to Project Art Works and the work we do. Volunteering at Project Art Works can take different forms, including supporting within our studio programmes Art Freedom Care and Art Breaks, the digital archive, The Support Collective and at exhibitions and events.

Although there are currently no volunteering opportunities at Project Art Works, you can email your interest to [email protected]. Alternatively subscribe to the newsletter to keep updated on new opportunities.

Volunteering With Us – Charlotte Hanlon

Charlotte Hanlon has been volunteering with Project Art Works through a pathway of diverse opportunities, including; Installing our Coastal Currents exhibition in 2019, supporting Art Breaks and Tuesday Accelerate Studios and now joining our team of remote volunteers to support us with research.
We asked Charlotte what volunteering means to her:

Why were you interested in volunteering with Project Art Works?

‘I attended the EXPLORERS project seminar back in 2018 and was introduced Project Art Works, their ethos and to the work of Michelle Roberts – I’m a big fan. They are an organisation that I had admired for a while, especially the way they champion artistic autonomy and truly celebrate this.’

What does volunteering at Project Art Works mean to you?

‘Learning and unlearning, being part of a community, making new friends, being inspired and feeling extremely grateful to be able to support artists and families and gaining so much in return.’

What have you experienced since volunteering with Project Art Works?

‘The fun I have had! The talented artists in the Tuesday studio, eager Art Breaks families and the skilled and generous facilitators in-between, I’ve learnt so much about creative processes and had my eyes opened in so many different ways.’ 

What are you plans for the future?

‘I’m really pleased to be part of the team at Project Art Works and have been lucky enough to receive a grant from the Arts Council as part of their Emergency Arts Fund. This will enable me to volunteer for a further 20 days at both Project Artworks and @Rockets in Brighton when the studios reopen. I can’t wait.’