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We are thrilled to share our recent collaboration with Camelot – The National Lottery’s ‘£30m A Week To Good Causes’ brand campaign.

“As of Saturday 26th September, The National Lottery launched their brand new ‘£30m A Week To Good Causes’ brand campaign. The ambition for this campaign is to get National Lottery players to feel good about playing and to know that every time they buy a ticket they make amazing things happen.  National Lottery players raise a staggering £30 million a week for good causes however research tells us that this is still new news to many. Even if they are aware, players still struggle to comprehend what this vast sum of money can achieve.

The emotive and entertaining campaign shines a light on the £30 Million raised every week by showing the sheer scale of what this sum of money can achieve for good causes. The campaign features many of the good causes The National Lottery support’s through a variety of engaging communications and storytelling content across TV, VOD, Radio, Outdoor, Digital and Social media.

You can see an example of Gemma’s art on our new National Lottery ad that will be displayed on billboards, bus shelters and online. Shining a light on the £30Million raised for good causes each week by National Lottery players, the ad showcases the colourful complexity of her work.

The choice of Gemma’s art for the ad is appropriate because the organisation that has helped her blossom as an artist – Hastings-based Project Art Works – has itself been supported by National Lottery funding.” Camelot

Tim Corrigan, Creative Director at Project Art Works, said “the decision to use Gemma’s art on the National Lottery billboard ad was exciting because it underlined the organisation’s determination to showcase the talents of its roster of neurodiverse artists and makers to the widest audience possible.”

To find out more about Gemma Evans visit the artist & maker page.

Gemma’s work is available to purchase in our shop.

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