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As part of the documenta fifteen exhibition, Project Art Works are hosting collaborative workshops in their exhibition spaces.

Solar Printing Workshops, Stadtmuseum
When: 19th – 25th September, 10.00 – 12.00

Project Art Works are hosting solar printing workshops in our exhibition space at the Stadtmuseum.

Opening the space for solar printing workshops which will build up the space over time leaving a trace of our visitors.

These workshops form part of our sharing of collaborative practice and a flavour of our supported studios in Hastings, UK.

Documenta Fifteen 2022

Project Art Works residencies and open studio, 2nd Floor, Fridericianum
When: 19 – 25 September, 14.00 – 16.00

Visit our workshops-as-exhibition. Our artists and an evolving Kassel based ecosystem of neurodiverse communities will be working together exploring joyful, collaborative and creative activities.

Superposition – Julius Bockelt und Sven Fritz, Hübner Areal
When: Friday 23 September, 6.30

Julius Bockelt and Sven Fritz, both visual artists and musicians, have been working together as Superposition in the context of Frankfurt based Atelier Goldstein since 2014.

In their sonic improvisations they refer to the artistic work of Julius Bockelt, using Casio keyboards, modular synthesizers, percussive elements, field recordings and voices.

Kate Adams Cosmologies of Care 2022

Trampoline Haus and Project Art Works
Friday, September 23, 12–4 pm: Trampoline House’s exhibition space in the Hübner venue.

Saturday, September 24, 12–4 pm: Project Art Works’ space in Fridericianum.

Lumbung Members Project Art Works and Trampoline House come together for a Cosmologies of Care is a collaborative workshop. Together they will be drawing and mapping personal testimonies of systems of care and support and the multiple interdependencies of our lives.

Through conversations facilitated by Project Art Works, you can create a series of drawings making visible the patterns of caring and circles of support in your life.

Project supported by the Italian Council (2022), Directorate – General for Contemporary Creativity, Italian Ministry of Culture.


If you have particular access needs and would like to speak to a member of the team please contact [email protected].

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