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If a picture’s worth a thousand words… presents the extraordinary results of a radical programme of professional development for artists with severe learning disabilities and or complex needs. Pioneered by Project Art Works, its ‘mentoring studios’ approach provides an opportunity for individuals with complex needs to develop their work through intensive studio practice alongside an artist mentor. This highly specialised investment has produced a significant and surprising body of work, exposing that which is beyond words: the power and revelation of visual language.
‘It has taken over 70 years for Albert to be given a label that he is proud of. When people are asked to describe Albert, the first thing they say is “He is an Artist”. Taking part in mentoring studios has enabled Albert to have autonomy with his art that he has been unable to achieve in any other venue or area of his life.’ Sian Duly, Support Worker to Albert Geere.
Showcased at Hastings Arts Forum, the exhibition displays six very distinct approaches to making images. From brightly revived portraits of 70s and 80s pop icons to complex, colourful worlds intricately drawn across the canvas. The individual processes are documented through unique animated slideshows revealing stage by stage developments and a sense of the journeys travelled in an artwork’s creation. The juxtaposition of images provides a vivid reminder of the different internal worlds of the artists: realities that otherwise would remain invisible.

From May 14, 2010
to May 25, 2010

Location: Hastings Arts Forum