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Art Breaks is an innovative project that focuses on children and young people with complex needs, alongside their parents, carers and peers. 

Across school holidays and weekends, we offer a series of high-quality creative workshops giving children the opportunity to work in collaboration with a team of skilled professional artists and to experience art as a tool for exploration, communication and self-expression. Our programmes support individuals towards greater communication, self-expression and community integration.  We use personalised approaches to explore the potential of people with complex needs and those that support them.

Art Breaks workshops run during school holidays at our studio in Hastings and other venues in Sussex. We also run four sets of Saturday workshops each year.

Project Art Works raises the money to deliver art breaks from grant funding and donations. A small donation towards these costs would be appreciated but is not a requirement.

My lasting memory of the workshop will forever be R really laughing. It made me so emotional. He often is full of anxiety and has the weight of the world on his shoulders, but to see him playing and so happy was beautiful. Watching the facilitators play so gently alongside R was really inspiring. I think it’s an amazing skill to be able to play alongside a child whilst still being gentle and responsive and not pushing any of their own ideas but fully following the child’s lead. This approach was fantastic. – Art Breaks Parent Summer 2023

I knew Project Art Works were going to be amazing, and they exceeded this by going above and beyond to ensure my son’s experience was as comfortable and engaging as possible. I have worked in social care and inclusive arts for more than a decade and I have been to Project Artworks supported exhibitions before, seeing some wonderful stuff. I was very happy to see that the art was more about the process rather than making anything significant, this is absolutely how I would work with people and I love this approach. – Art Breaks Parent October 2023

For more information about this project please contact [email protected].