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Our inclusive studios in Hastings offer specialist visual arts provision for new and existing participants with complex needs, facilitating their creativity through personalised pathways. Artist/makers generally come to the studio for the same session(s) each week, building a community of peers and collaborators.

Each session is tailored to the needs of the people in the studio, and all of our work is characterised by a personalised approach that facilitates choice and expansive creative practice. This creative work is delivered by the Artist Collective, which works alongside the Support Collective to provide comprehensive support for individuals.

We hold studio sessions on Tuesday-Friday, 36 weeks of the year. Across the week, we work with adults with complex support needs, including those with profound and multiple needs. Artist/makers have access to a wide range of professional media and creative processes including painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, sculpture, animation and photography. Studio sessions provide the time and space for artist/makers to work with these stimuli and to explore their own potential as artists. Specific sessions are targeted to support individuals with shared experiences or interests (e.g. those going through a period of transition).

The regular studio programme includes trips, visits and residencies to expand the practice and broaden creative horizons. In turn, the work produced in the studio, and the ways of working developed there, inform our outward-facing programmes.

To find out more please contact Katie Taylor: [email protected].