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To celebrate £30 Million being raised by players of The National Lottery each week, Camelot have commissioned Project Art Works to produce a unique artwork to celebrate the incredible projects and people this money has funded.

Siddharth Gadiyar, an artist within the Project Art Works collective, was selected for his bold use of colour on a large scale. Working with Tim Corrigan Siddharth created the 30 using his practise of black tape and acrylics.

The campaign has been shared nationally through bill boards and bus stops and through tabloid press. The campaign not only celebrates achievements of National Lottery funded projects but highlights how it’s funding directly impacts on a person’s life.

Siddharth, who has been attending Project Art Works for 3 years, is an artist of instinct. He is an extraordinary and prolific image maker who constructs a new work of considerable scale, each week in a three hour supported studio session at Project Art Works.

Siddharth’s clear intention and his swift decisive action result in bold and beautiful paintings that are full of purpose and free from self-conscious restraint.

Siddharth’s family have set up a Facebook page to share his work, find it here.

This is the second campaign that Camelot have chosen a Project Art Works artist/maker to work with. Last year Gemma Evan’s work featured in their bill board campaign.


Coastal Currents, Project Art Works, 2018

Siddharth Gadiyar Solo ExhibitionPhoenix Art Space, 23 March – 21 April 2019

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