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In the studio Gemma enjoys painting, often with heavy brushes and on a large scale.

Gemma enjoys bright colours, music, texture and company. She often dances when she paints, and can be seen holding an object in her free hand whilst she works.

Shortly after the closure of the studio, all artist makers were sent a bespoke box of materials. Following this, a studio artist prepared a selection of handmade and found items, for Gemma to explore, they differed in smell, texture & sound.

How Gemma responded to these propositions has informed subsequent offerings. Gemma has been painting at home and taking walks on the beach, collecting stones and artefacts. Gemma can be seen here painting a postcard to the Project Art Works studio. Most recently we dropped some large cartridge paper and paint pens to Gemma to work bigger, and outside in the garden.

Thursday Parachute Studio Artist – Georgie Scott

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