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Activate studio artist, Oliver Crowther interviews Jack Goldsmith about his new paintings and the process behind the works:

Olly: How would you describe your paintings to someone who couldn’t see them?

Jack: Blurry, texture, brilliant skulls.

O: Could you describe your process? How do these paintings come about?

J: I just use my head. They’re like skull-wallpaper.

O: What is it about skulls that attracts you, that motivates you to paint them?

J: Skulls are really fascinating to me. They are inside you but also it’s to do with loving the ones you miss, like family, you know what I mean? Like my grandfather and my great grandfather.

O: Many people who see your paintings remark that they remind them of the Mexican festival, the Day of the Dead. Do you recognise that connection yourself?

J: Yes. I was researching about skulls online and I came across Day of the Dead. Mexico is my favourite country. I’m trying to study Spanish. It’s far more fascinating than French.

O: These paintings have a very bold use of colour. How do you decide on which colour to use?

J: I choose colour just by what looks good together.

O: Do these paintings have names or titles?

J: I’d like them to have names but they don’t at the moment.

O: Have you thought about showing them somewhere so other people can see them?

J: It would be good to get attention. Maybe they’ll become famous one day.