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Our final week in residence on the ONCA barge saw us building on the work of the past month. Artist/makers continued to explore processes and connect the work on the barge with the wider landscape of the marina.


Some of the artist/makers chose to start the day with a walk, during which Mark recorded some sounds of the marina. These were later layered into an abstract soundscape made in response to the view out across the water from the lower deck of the barge. Mark enjoyed working on the lower deck with Andy again and focusing on sounds and music.

Mark and Andy working on a soundscape in front of a computer and a live projection of the view from the porthole


Over the month of the residency, Aida has continually included new objects as painted surfaces. In this final week, Aida worked within a suspended constellation of these fragments. Her attention to detail while at work created an atmosphere of focus and inspired other artist/makers in their drawing and painting upstairs.

Aida at work in amongst suspended pieces of driftwood


Downstairs, Lucy continued work on her Sonic head. With the main elements of the face completed last week, it was time to start adding the detail. Velvet was layered onto mesh which was layered onto a willow frame underneath it all. It has been incredible to see the character coming to life over the weeks.

Lucy's Sonic head continues to take shape


Charlie Stephens joined us again this week. As well as working on her own drawings inspired by the landscape, including ‘Black Ships on a Black Sea’, Charlie led the group in collaborative drawing and documented the day using film and photography.

'Black Ships in a Black Sea' by Charlie Stephens - three charcoal sail boats navigate a choppy sea

Over the course of our residency, we built up layers of understanding that enabled us to work together on board. At the end of the final day, Mark invited us all to sit down and enjoy the soundscape created from the morning’s walk, composed from elements recorded by different artists. As we listened, there was a collective sense of gratitude – to each other for the time spent and processes shared, and to ONCA for supporting our residency.