Stanley Ellis

Stanley Ellis

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Stanley Ellis has been a participant in our workshops for two years. He lives in a supported environment and takes partin a range of external activities organised for him.

Stanley has a much remarked upon natural air for visual creativity, especially large scale paintings. He is an established and integral member of the group, whom participants, artists and visitors to Project Art Works warm to.

Over the period that Stanley has attended our workshops his work has been extensively documented and archived. We have been able to create a situation where Stanley is able to have more control over the way he accesses and manipulates materials.

He has been exposed to a variety of materials and practices, including drawing, clay modeling, construction and collage. However, it is large-scale painting which seems to stimulate a high degree of concentration, energy and pride in Stanley.

Stanley’s studio space is set up with a large canvas propped at a comfortable height and angle. A range of brushes of various shapes and sizes are set out on a trolley table to the right of the canvas.

Stanley will usually work non-stop from the beginning of the session to it’s conclusion, only having brief breaks in order to ask for another colour or brush, or for the canvas to be revolved. He communicates his wishes by motioning an artist to where he is working and pointing to an area of the canvas.

Stanley is a frequent collaborator with the other workshop participants.

His abundant energy and enthusiasm is often contagious and he can often be relied on to enliven the participants into more imaginative ways of working.

Stanley frequently draws in a sketchbook on visits to places like the De La Warr Pavilion and seems to take genuine pride in the display of his work. He will point out when a certain piece is nished and want others to look at it and pass comment.

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