About Project Art Works

Project Art Works is a praxis based collective of artists and makers. We produce and disseminate art underpinned by radical models of rights and representation to generate aspiration and positive change in culture and care.

Project Art Works’ collaborative film works deconstruct relational paradigms. We reveal the freedom and purpose of nonnormative self-determination and the constraints of accepted social constructs and environments.

Our programmes evolve through studio practice and radiate out to awareness raising in the cultural and care sectors, promoting more diverse representation in programming and relevancy for audiences. We disseminate the work of neurodiverse artists and makers through a wide range of projects, exhibitions, co-commissions, film, publications and digital platforms.

Personalised and holistic studio environments are recreated wherever a project takes place. The studio is a place of level hierarchy where events and happenings unfold revealing the lived experience and qualities of all those involved. Artists and makers work together in purposeful collaboration using total communication as an expansive rather than reductive form of interaction that utilises gesture, sound, signing and empathy.

Project Art Works is an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation.

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