About Project Art Works

Based in Hastings, Project Art Works is the UK’s leading artist led organisation working with people with profound intellectual impairment and complex needs.

Project Art Works is a National Portfolio organisation for the Arts Council and delivers intensive programmes in house through PROPEL and with National organisation across the country with EXPLORERS.

Started in 1997, Project Art Works has worked with thousands of people with complex needs and continues to offer support and friendship to them and their families.

How we work

Through a personalised and holistic approach, our studio programmes and outreach projects provide freedom and purpose through art. The studio environment is recreated wherever a project takes place. The studio is a place where events and happenings unfold revealing the essential abilities and nature of all those involved.

Artists and makers work together, collaborate and where possible, talk about the studio and what takes place there. If someone does not use language to communicate, interaction is expansive rather than reductive utilising gesture, sound, signing and empathy.

Interviewer: What sort of things can you draw without seeing them?
Neville: I think snakes. Yeah. Tony, I drew a picture of a snake once didn’t I?
Tony: You did.
Neville: Yeah. It was a grass snake, wasn’t it?
Tony: That’s right.
Neville: A grass snake.
Tony: And if I remember rightly that was a dream – that was a drawing about a dream you had.
Neville: That’s right. Yeah.
Interviewer: Do you sometimes draw your dreams or was that just once?
Neville: No. That was just once. Yeah. Just once.

Conversation with artist/maker Neville Jermyn 2015

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