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Here we reflect on and share ideas around our creative practice as a collective of neurodiverse artists and activists.


  • A group photograph of people who joined us for a workshop hosted by ART:DIS in Singapore.

    Studio Blog

    Singapore Encounters

    In February Project Art Works were invited to Singapore to take part in a series of activities led by cultural organisations in the country. Joining a programme of workshops and […]

  • Lucy works in Wysing

    Studio Blog

    Lucy’s Residency at Wysing – December 2022

    I’d done a site visit before going for my first residency stay at Wysing Arts Centre, so I knew what to expect. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming there as […]

  • Berwick Church, 2022

    Studio Blog

    Summer 2022 – Berwick Church

    The final visit in the Project Art Works summer programme saw a group of artist/makers visiting Berwick Church. Adorned with unique murals undertaken by some of the Bloomsbury artists living […]

  • Marion Willis, Common Clay, 2022

    Studio Blog

    Summer 2022 – Common Clay

    For the second trip in our summer programme, artist/makers visited Common Clay, a ceramics studio within Beeching Road Studios in Bexhill. Several artist/makers have had ceramic pieces made in the […]

  • Charlie Stephens and Peter Quinell fly a kite at Rye Harbour.

    Studio Blog

    Summer 2022 – Rye Harbour

    Following a group residency for Project Art Works artist/makers in March this year, the team at Rye Harbour Discovery Centre warmly welcomed us back for the first trip of our […]

  • Neville Jermyn - Rye Harbour

    Studio Blog

    Week 4 – Rye Harbour Residency

    In March artist/makers from Project Art Works are taking part in a group residency at Rye Harbour Discovery Centre in East Susssex. The residency offers Project Art Works artist/makers space […]

  • Studio Blog

    Week 3 – Rye Harbour Residency

    In March artist/makers from Project Art Works are taking part in a group residency at Rye Harbour Discovery Centre in East Susssex. The residency offers Project Art Works artist/makers space […]

  • Rye Harbour Residency - Charlie Stephens

    Studio Blog

    Week 2 – Rye Harbour Residency

    In March artist/makers from Project Art Works are taking part in a group residency at Rye Harbour Discovery Centre in East Susssex. The residency offers Project Art Works artist/makers space […]

  • Rye Harbour 2022

    Studio Blog

    Week 1 – Rye Harbour Residency

    In March artist/makers from Project Art Works are taking part in a group residency at Rye Harbour Discovery Centre in East Susssex. The residency offers Project Art Works artist/makers space […]

  • Charlie, Mark and Andy taking photos across the marina

    Studio Blog

    Week 4 on the ONCA Barge

    Our final week in residence on the ONCA barge saw us building on the work of the past month. Artist/makers continued to explore processes and connect the work on the […]

  • Paul exploring the marina

    Studio Blog

    Week 3 on the ONCA Barge

    There was a natural ease in the third week of our residency, and the confidence to try new things. Andy joined the group for the first time. He set up […]

  • Projected image in the camera obscura

    Studio Blog

    Week 2 on the ONCA Barge

    Returning to work made last week on the barge gave us all a sense of pride and familiarity. In this second week, the artists in residence naturally gravitated to staying […]

  • Studio Blog

    Week 1 on the ONCA Barge

    Throughout August, Project Art Works artist/makers are in residence on the ONCA barge. The project offers a chance to explore creative practice in a new environment with a deep connection […]

  • Studio Blog

    The Puppet Show, Louise Newham

    This week, in the Tuesday Studio, Louise Newham experimented with puppets and technology. While creating scenery for her puppet show, Louise recorded stories which linked to her drawings. We have […]

  • Gudskul: A diagram of Gudskul’s lumbung practice with three vital resource components, 2020

    Studio Blog

    documenta 15 – March update

    Project Art Works is a global partner for documenta fifteen which will take place over 100 days between June 18 until September 25, 2022 in Kassel, Germany. Find out more […]

  • Untold Stories

    Untitled works by George Smith at Untitled Gallery. Untold Stories was a community storytelling project exploring a unique part of Hastings known as the Trinity Triangle that has a rich […]

  • How do we evaluate our work?

    Project Art Works’ practice and approach is rooted in the principle of seeing everyone as an individual who has value and a right to direct their own life. We work […]

  • Collection of videos on our Jarman Award 2020 joint win

    In November 2020 Project Art Works jointly won the Film London Jarman Award and we have selected some of videos where we talk about our film work from this time. […]

  • Guest blog – Sonia Boue reviews Illuminating the Wilderness

    Illuminating the Wilderness is about everything while appearing to be about nothing much, if you choose not to enter into its world. It’s about noticing people who notice things. It’s about paying […]

  • Studio Blog

    Reconnecting at Studio B

    Studio B has opened its virtual doors again to warmly welcome back artists, makers, and their carers. Our artists and makers have told us what they would like their virtual […]

  • Studio Blog

    Aida’s Painting.

    Aida attends the Project Art Works studio for a two hour session every Friday and works without a break during this time. She is entirely focussed on her practice, choosing […]

  • Studio Blog

    Observer Building Residency

    Observer Building Residency. To launch our new creative programme Art. Freedom. Care Project Art Works took over the ground floor of the historic Observer Building in Hastings for a two-week […]

  • Studio Blog

    Untold Stories Launch

    Untold Stories is a community story telling project that celebrates Trinity Triangle and the unique identities and connections people have with the area.Trinity Triangle is located in Hastings within the […]

  • Studio Blog

    Claire Matthews

      We have always enjoyed arts and craft things, but we mainly left the art work to the team at Project art works.  Thankfully the sessions continued via zoom weekly […]

  • Studio Blog

    Sam Smith

    Sound and rhythm seem like a constant concern for Sam.  He is always humming, blowing air through his fingers.  I have been taken by his crisp packets and chocolate wrappers […]

  • Studio Blog

    Synchronised Bubbles

  • Studio Blog

    Working outside with G

    G was able to engage in with a range of large and weighted art tools, and chose these when she needed. When G appeared to lose focus, other tools were […]

  • Studio Blog


      Activate studio artist, Oliver Crowther interviews Jack Goldsmith about his new paintings and the process behind the works: Olly: How would you describe your paintings to someone who couldn’t […]

  • Charlotte Stephens pastel drawing

    Studio Blog

    Charlotte Stephens

      Charlotte Stephens, artist and maker from Wednesday Supported Studio, talks about her experiences of making work at home. “I worked on it mainly in the group zoom sessions and […]

  • Ellen's Pokemon Drawings

    Studio Blog


  • For Sharif, from Magda.

    Studio Blog

    Sharif, You Have Mail!

    “Every week since lockdown Sharif has spent time with Tim and Tom, creating the “Out and About in Lockdown” diary. Sometimes they would pick up the post delivered at the […]

  • Screen shot

    Studio Blog

    El Bass

    LA takes me on a journey using role play and sound as our medium. The session will start with LA setting the scene where we will explore the human condition. […]

  • Carl Collage

    Studio Blog

    Collage and Writing

    I work with Carl once a week on a Friday. During our time together Carl has taught me a lot about the importance of environment. Making the correct space for […]

  • Studio Blog


    Lucy Walker has been working on a new story for one of her characters, Speedy the Hero Dog Greyhound. Here is chapter two of the new story. Find out more […]

  • Studio Blog

    Christopher Tite

    Each week we send all the participants materials to inspire creative activity in between zoom workshop sessions. This ‘Carers Week’ Tuesday Accelerate team would like to take the opportunity to […]

  • Studio Blog

    Sound and music

    Working with Sarah in the Project Art Works studio is a unique experience. She combines her interest in mark making with her desire to be immersed in sound, noise and […]

  • Cyanotype printing

    Studio Blog

    Paul Colley

    I have been connecting with Paul in lockdown using Zoom and working closely with Paul’s support team to explore new ways of communication and collaboration. Paul enjoys photography, images of […]

  • Studio Blog

    Art Breaks at Home

    Nova and Family  The kids were all so excited to receive their individual boxes yesterday! The girls got stuck in this morning sitting creating together in the garden ( a […]

  • Studio Blog


    By Eden Kötting

  • Home gallery wall

    Studio Blog

    Kitchen Gallery

      As well as online zoom workshops Tuesday Studio artists have been sending the makers bespoke art packages via post. We have also set up a new email address’ so […]

  • Gemma Evans

    Studio Blog

    Gemma Evans

    In the studio Gemma enjoys painting, often with heavy brushes and on a large scale. Gemma enjoys bright colours, music, texture and company. She often dances when she paints, and […]

  • Darryl Painting

    Studio Blog

    Studio at Home

    Every Thursday morning Darryl walks through Arch 3, mapping his way towards his garden room studio at Project Art Works. He starts drawing with graphite and pencils with extensive energy; […]

  • Studio Blog

    Taking the Studio into Zoom

    Over the past 6 weeks we have been running our weekly sessions via zoom with creative postal correspondence in between. We have embraced this new way of working and have […]

  • Studio Blog

    Sharing from Lockdown

    Every Thursday afternoon during lockdown some of the Activate studio group have been meeting on zoom to make and share artwork. The sessions have been an invaluable opportunity for all […]

  • One of Gabriella's Creatures

    Studio Blog

    Gabriella’s Creatures

    Gabriella has been sending these photographs of the fantastic models she has made at home over the past few weeks. Gabriella is influenced by creatures and characters from graphic cards […]

  • Studio Blog

    Staying Connected

    It has been great to see and hear each other in real time through Zoom studios, and there have been magical moments in that environment. Not everybody can access Zoom […]

  • To show Connor painting at home

    Studio Blog

    Connor Painting

    Connor is producing brilliant paintings at home during his weekly Zoom art sessions with Project Art Works Artist Rachel and supported by his mum. These paintings are full of vibrant […]

  • Studio Blog

    Speedy the Hero Dog

    Lucy Walker has been working on a new story for one of her characters, Speedy the Hero Dog Greyhound. Here is chapter one of the new story. Find out more […]

  • papers sent to George from Maya

    Studio Blog

    Under Pressure

      In our studio in the railway arches behind Hastings Station, George has his usual painting space set up by the radiator. His chair, though he rarely sits, is up […]

  • Ellen Prebble - postcard

    Studio Blog

    Postcard to Ellen

    This week, Ellen was sent her third weekly postcard and object through the post to her house. Each week, the Project Art Works artist is responding to Ellen’s artistic interests […]

  • Sharif Persaud - beach hut

    Studio Blog


    OUT AND ABOUT ON LOCKDOWN Out and About on Lockdown is a video diary documenting the bi-weekly connection between support workers and artists, featuring Sharif Persaud, Tom Lepora and Tim Corrigan. […]

  • Musical Instruments with Peter Quinnell

    Studio Blog

    Musical Instruments

    Make musical instruments using junk from around the house with this illustrated booklet by Peter Quinnell. Peter is an Art Breaks studio artist and has been working with the team […]

  • Supported Studio meet up

    Studio Blog

    Social Connection

    The Supported Studios artist makers have been meeting for many years on a Wednesday in the Project Art Works studio. The studio is a tranquil place to develop art practice […]

  • Paul in the studio 2020

    Studio Blog

    Working with Paul

    Our first Zoom taster session was a collaboration between Paul Colley and the Thursday artist team. Zoom doesn’t work for everyone – technology can be frustrating and it can feel […]

  • The Colour Green

    Studio Blog

    The Colour Green

    The Thursday Activate group was introduced, as a new studio programme, to empower people creatively during particular periods of transition in their lives. As we now encounter another impactful transition […]

  • Art Breaks - Box

    Studio Blog

    Staying Connected

    Art Breaks is an innovative project that focuses on children and young people with complex needs, alongside their parents, carers and peers.  Across school holidays and weekends, we offer a […]

  • Studio Blog

    Sarah T Soundscape

    Andy and Tom recorded this soundscape to share with Sarah T. Taking our practise online is a huge challenge and we are exploring all types of mediums. Find out more […]

  • For Aida from Georgie

    Studio Blog

    For Aida

    As an artist I have felt my world spin off its axis in the last few weeks. The desire, the need, to become ‘grounded’ again has for me been very […]

  • Art Boxes - Coronavirus response

    Studio Blog

    Defining Boundaries

    The studio provides a source of improved wellbeing and reduced social isolation for many, which may be needed more than ever at the moment. So when the physical studios had […]

  • Experiments in Zoom

    Studio Blog

    Experiments in Zoom

    As we started to think about how to connect with artist/makers, we quickly realized Zoom was the tool that was newest to all of us, so we started by exploring […]

  • Accelerate Studio - Art Box

    Studio Blog

    First Steps

      Since the lockdown started the artist team has been busy developing ways of continuing to keep in touch and work creatively with the artist/makers. As always, we are taking […]