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Congratulations to Anna Farley, Project Art Works Board Member and Artist, for the commission to create big, accessible labels at documenta fifteen.

Invited by lumbung member Project Art Works, Anna has been working with documenta fifteen since May 2022 on rethinking how we communicate via labels in the exhibition. In September the labels were published and started to go up in the exhibition spaces.

“To communicate with as little text as possible, Farley uses visual tactics of color, graphic structure, and imagery, to understand the when, where, how, why and what the lumbung members are doing in their local contexts and for their translation to the exhibition in Kassel. As artworks, the labels proactively challenge communication in art institutions and the need to address their established neurotypically biased practices. In this way, anyone and everyone can enjoy a more visual and sign-based way of communicating in art spaces.”

Anna is an autistic artist based in London. Balancing concept and craft, Anna makes process-based art using methods of sculpture, photography, sound, drawing, text, and participation. She works as a consultant and facilitating artist across the Project Art Works creative programme and is an advisor to the board.

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Image: Anna Farley sits in front of one of her Big Labels in the Project Art Works exhibition space in the Fridericianum for documenta fifteen.

Anna Farley Big Labels documenta fifteen

Image: Project Art Works Big Label for documenta fifteen, 2022, Anna Farley

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