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This week Project Art Works announced an alliance based on shared values and overlapping goals with local charity The Heart of Hastings. Through its work in Ore Valley and White Rock, the Heart of Hastings CLT is aware of the need for better community understanding of people with complex needs and mental health challenges. Together with Project Art Works they have pledged their commitment to support the wider community in an ‘open arms, open minds’ approach within the town.

By joining forces and dissolving boundaries, the two organisations and the many individuals within them have pledged to work together to learn and share each other’s worlds, to challenge themselves and support each other, and to take practical joint action that has positive outcomes.

According to Jess Steele of Heart of Hastings CLT and Kate Adams of Project Art Works, “this is an authentic and hugely positive partnership – a ‘deep alliance’ based on mutual respect. We choose to work together because we share fundamental values and a driving passion for positive social change.”

“Project Art Works is always looking for radical models of inclusion and advocacy. Heart of Hastings motivates, invites and supports people to take control of the forces that impact on their lives. This is what Project Art Works does through creative activity.”

Through the project in Ore Valley, Project Art Works will support inclusive eco housing, community integration, stronger relationships and different models of care.

Project Art Works was drawn to The Heart of Hastings through the belief that given the right support, people can make a difference to their own lives and communities.

Read the interview with Kate Adams, Director of Project Art Works, and Jess Steele, Jericho Road, featured in Hastings Independent Press here.

Find out more about the Ore Valley Project at

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