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Our second Another Way Home workshop in May 2022 brought together housing providers and initiatives who shared models of independent and supported living.

You can watch the recording on YouTube

Julie Smith, Gettalife co-Director, Millie Rowland, Shared Lives carer, and David Abbey, together with parent carer Karen McKay, My Safe Home, shared inspiring success stories which offer alternatives to traditional residential care settings and supported living. Demonstrating how ‘small support’ as a movement and ethos enable personalisation, continuity, and longevity of care.

Our panellist, Joe Powell, explained how important it was for local communities to get involved in planning decisions in their area to shape housing development of inclusively designed housing, including accessible and adapted homes.


East Sussex local planning policy:

NHS England information on housing:

Capital grants for building and adjustments:

Disabled facilities grants:

Housing LIN network:

Local housing offices:

Home Ownership for People with Long-term Disabilities (HOLD):

Shared Lives:

If you would like to watch session one of Another Way Home you can find the recording and notes here.

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