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The Provider Approach

Session 2: Monday 30th May 2022, 11am-1pm

Another Way Home explores housing and accommodation opportunities for people with complex support needs (such as learning disabilities, complex needs and autism). We will draw upon local and national models that are run by families and carers themselves, ways to own your own home, use personal budgets, secure enhanced housing benefit and find local providers to get the home that’s right for you.

The online events feature talks from local people who have developed models of independent and supported living from the ground up and representatives from initiatives such as Shared Lives and HOLD (Home Ownership for People with Long-term Disabilities).

The next online workshop brings together housing providers and initiatives to share how they are supporting a move away from residential care to community-based supported living which offers choice, control and personalisation.


  • Julie Smith, Gettalife co-director talks about how they set up Gettalife in Coventry 20 years ago with the aim of supporting people to have their own home and a team of support who know them well.
  • David Abbey, My Safe Home, shares how owning your own home is possible for a person with a long-term disability using the HOLD (Home ownership for people with long-term disabilities) scheme via Shared Ownership.
  • Millie Rowland, talks about how she became a Shared Lives carer and what care in the community looks like for her.
  • Joe Powell lives and works in Hastings with his family and is the father of Winston who has a rare genetic, disabling and life-limiting condition called ataxia-telangiectasia (A-T). Joe is a Trustee for the A-T Society, supporting people living with A-T About A-T – A-T Society ( . Joe is also a senior manager within local government with a background in managing housing, homelessness and support services as well as a range of other council departments.

Book your free ticket to the 30th May online workshop on Eventbrite.

The first workshop was held on the 25th April 2022 and featured perspectives and case studies from families and carers and people with complex support needs. You can watch the previous online workshop where families shared how they had established long-term independent support and a place to live for their family members with support needs. Watch this workshop on Youtube here.

For more information about the workshops please contact [email protected].

Image: Albert Geere, Untitled, 2010

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