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Project Art Works responded to heightened advice around the Covid-19 crisis, with quick measures to protect the artist/ makers and close the studio.

The next move was to plan with the studio team how Project Art Works ensured that we were doing everything we could to support our makers and their families.

Through working with our Tuesday Accelerate Studio team, an idea to send Artist/ Makers a personalised Art Box was formed. The Art Boxes were willed with items that brought each person some connection to their studio practise. The boxes included materials, letters, photographs of their work and them in the studio as well as the studio team. With communication being unknown we also placed stamped addresses blank postcards in the boxes so messages could be sent.

All these boxes have now been delivered to the artist/makers and we are starting to receive images back of them being used.

In the short term support we are working on ways of connecting through pre recorded film, social media, video calling and phone calls depending on the artist and their support’s preference.

Project Art Works, like many organisations, are finding our feet with this new way of working and we expect to learn a lot along the way. Our priority is to assist those most vulnerable during this time of isolation as much as our skills and powers allow.

We appreciate any advise, feedback, knowledge and information sharing.

Please email [email protected] with any support we can share.

Image: Art Boxes all ready to be delivered to the Tuesday Accelerate Studio.

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