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Art Breaks in Spring is open for applications. Taking place in a COVID responsible way, we are able to open these workshops up to more families this year.

Dates in April: Tuesday 13th, Wednesday 14th & Thursday 15th

Please apply for a space by the 29th March 2021.

Art Breaks focusses on children and young people with complex needs, alongside their parents, carers and non-learning disabled peers.

At creative workshops the children are given the opportunity to work collaboratively with professional artists. They will experience art as a tool for exploration, communication and self-expression. This personalised approach creates a sense of identity and ownership of their work that they make and the environment they are in.

“Art Breaks is so much more than Art in its traditional form. It is about freedom of expression and experiences. It is about inclusion at the highest level, where it has moved on from ‘fitting in’ to ‘joining in’ and a freedom to just ‘be’. “

Parent, July 2020

Interested in future Art Breaks events? Please contact Patricia Finnegan: [email protected] / 01424 423555

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