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This year Project Art Works have worked with over 95 children through our growing Art Breaks programme. Run on Saturdays in term times and throughout the holidays we have seen a huge increase in demand. With the use of Trinity Hall we have been able to slightly extend the offer to increase the number of places.

Art Breaks feedback from the last sets of sessions:

My lasting memory of the workshop will forever be R really laughing. It made me so emotional. He often is full of anxiety and has the weight of the world on his shoulders, but to see him playing and so happy was beautiful. Watching the facilitators play so gently alongside R was really inspiring. I think it’s an amazing skill to be able to play alongside a child whilst still being gentle and responsive and not pushing any of their own ideas but fully following the child’s lead. This approach was fantastic. – Art Breaks Parent Summer 2023

I knew Project Artworks were going to be amazing, and they exceeded this by going above and beyond to ensure my son’s experience was as comfortable and engaging as possible. I have worked in social care and inclusive arts for more than a decade and I have been to Project Artworks supported exhibitions before, seeing some wonderful stuff. I was very happy to see that the art was more about the process rather than making anything significant, this is absolutely how I would work with people and I love this approach. – Art Breaks Parent October 2023

My children develop a special bond with the staff they get excited to see them my children call this their happy time. The bonds they have are very deep and therefore can express themselves freely with art when communication can be difficult for them.  They are so relaxed after, and this helps regulate they emotions and provide calmness to their sensory overload. – Art Breaks Parent October 2023

Find out more about Art Breaks here.

Image: Crystal, Project Art Works, 2023

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