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Autism and Cinema: An exploration in neurodiversity

Autism and Cinema and Barbican deliver a programme of screenings that explore neurodiversity in film. Project Art Works are delighted to have three films included in the programme at the Barbican this September.

Saturday 18 SeptemberLightsteps, Directed by Kate Adams, will be shown with La Moindre Geste and Scrapbook. Book here.

Tuesday 21 September – The Mask, Directed by Sharif Persaud and Tim Corrigan will be shown with Mullholand Drive. Book here.

Thursday 23 SeptemberIlluminating the Wilderness, a Project Art Works film co directed by Kate Adams and Tim Corrigan will be shown with Jigsaw a film by Robina Rose. The screenings will be accompanied by an in conversation with Kate and Robina. Book here.

Find out more about the programme here.

Bringing together a diverse selection of films, ranging from documentary to animation, and genre-twisting fiction to experimental filmmaking from within the autistic community, this programme asks how the language of cinema can be challenged and changed by autistic perspectives.

Typically, cinema has depicted characters with autism from the outside, looking in with fascination at a high-functioning or magical character who throws out of joint the ‘neurotypical’ lives of those around them.

A cinema reflective of autism and the experience of neurodiversity is rare. Yet it has much to offer our understanding of inner and outer life, ushering in new sensory and relational ways of being in the world.

All screenings in the series are Relaxed Screenings.

Presented in collaboration with the Centre for Film and Ethics at Queen Mary University of London as part of a research project supported by Wellcome. 

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