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To celebrate our involvement with In Focus, a new exhibition open at Phoenix by Photoworks, we have installed a Camera Obscura and photographs taken of the Tuesday’s Accelerate Studio.

“Project Art Work’s artist and makers were invited by Photoworks in Brighton to carry out research exploring inclusive approaches to photography. Supported by the artist team, the Accelerate Studio makers spent six days exploring photography in different ways focusing on ways of making it accessible and meaningful for the diverse needs of all members of the group. The images seen here were made using a giant, wheelchair accessible Camera Obscura and recorded using an iPad. They also experimented with camera-less photography using solar-prints, scanners and light-boxes, drawing onto photographs, painting photographic projections, pickled photographs and submerged photographs in seawater.

The findings from their research will be included in a Toolkit published later in the year by Photoworks.

Annis Joslin, Lead Artist

This building is a community asset transfer between East Sussex County Council and Heart of Hastings.

Heart of Hastings plan to renovate the building into an explicitly inclusive, creative and affordable neighbourhood hub for living, working and community action.

In partnership with Heart of Hastings, Project Art Works will open the ground floor of this building to create a new gallery and event space.

If you have any enquires about this project pleas contact Sally Bourner at [email protected] or call 01424 423555.



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