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Project Art Works will be holding their first Encounter workshop at contemporary art gallery Reina Sofia in Madrid in April. Bringing the model of drawing cosmologies of care to a Spanish audience, we will be learning more about the social care structures that impact peoples lives in this area and raising awareness with cultural audiences.

This activity is framed within the artistic research project Vulnerable Cosmologies, which, from feminist positions and care, seeks to connect realities traditionally separated by the socio-health system such as physical and intellectual disability and neurodiversity. Which material and cultural structures organise such distribution? Which alternative imaginaries and societies can we build in the convergence of these universes?

The project is curated by Carlota Mir and Carlos Almela (hablarenarte) and developed alongside the Museo Reina Sofía’s Education Area, artist Costa Badía and Project Art Works.

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This work comes from relationships nurtured during our involvement with documenta fifteen and being a member of the Lumbung community.

This project is funded by Madrid City Council, the British Council and Acción Cultural Española.

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