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Project Art Works have been commissioned to produce new work as part of the ROOT 1066 festival.

Project Art Works has conducted several innovative and investigative projects that focus on how people with complex needs experience built space and other environments. Each survey results in beautifully constructed sound and film documents of the experience. This practice aligns with the psychogeographic practice of investigation, the dérive or drift, and refers to unplanned journeys through urban landscapes and the way in which the surrounding architecture and geography subconsciously direct the travellers.

Building on this strand of work Project Art Works proposes a radical and inclusive new environmental project in celebration of ROOT 1066. Taking Hastings and St Leonard’s on Sea as a whole, DRIFT is a large-scale survey of the town by people who are highly sensitive and responsive to the impact of sound, texture and the navigational dynamics of urban environments. Using recordings made during investigations of the town, we will create a number of sound and video productions that will be identified on a map and placed in discreet public locations.

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