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Project Art Works joins Gainsborough at Nottingham Castle

Twenty-five landscape drawings from the Royal Collection – recently attributed to English artist Thomas Gainsborough – will go on display in the exhibition Young Gainsborough: Rediscovered Landscape Drawings, paired with the film Illuminating the Wilderness, by Project Art Works, which charts the pleasures and challenges of neurodiverse responses to the landscape.

These exhibitions at Nottingham Castle open on Saturday 2 July and run until Sunday 13 November.

This 40-minute film follows the investigation of a remote Scottish glen over several days and reveals the pleasures and challenges of neurodiverse responses to nature and shared experience.  Shot from multiple viewpoints and cameras, the film is unscripted and reveals the subtle fluidity of roles and interactions between this unique and itinerant community away from the practical, attitudinal and social barriers that they face in their everyday lives. Moments of humour and tender consideration for each other unfold in and around the landscape and weather systems of the mountains. The remoteness, scale and indifference of the landscape provides a rare sense of freedom and belonging for everyone involved.

Illuminating the Wilderness, was made as part of the Explorers Project and was supported by the Arts Council and Paul Hamlin Foundation.

Read artist Sonia Boué’s review of Illuminating the Wilderness here.

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Read the press release about the exhibition here.

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From July 2, 2022
to November 13, 2022

Location: Lenton Road, Nottingham, NG1 6EL