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Residential: An exhibition from Project Art Works
Copenhagen Contemporary, 24 April – 29 December 2024

Project Art Works has an archive of over five thousand physical works accumulated over 25 years, that embody a visible trace of people who are often hidden in the world. These are represented here by an exhibition of large-scale paintings and in the wooden archive structure that serves as a portal into the exhibition space. I’ve Got Ideas. Don’t You Worry, a new film recorded in our studio, sits within the exhibition revealing the subtle and expansive nature of speaking and non-speaking creativity and communication.

Image: Photo: David Stjernholm

Heidi, a young woman laughs playing with silver material in a studio. She looks at another woman, Patricia, who smiles back. Image: FILM STILL-8, Heidi and Patricia, I’ve Got Ideas. Don’t You Worry, 2023

The exhibition includes a programme of workshops for local people, families and caregivers. A studio installation will host a series of collaborative events that bring partners and collaborators, audiences and artists together in creative production.

Residential was previously shown at Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead.

Lead image: Photo: David Stjernholm / @david_stjernholm

From April 27, 2024
to December 31, 2024

Location: Refshalevej 173A, 1432 København, Denmark
Email: [email protected]