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I’ve Got Ideas. Don’t You Worry is a new production from Project Art Works revealing the working process of 29 people – artist/makers, facilitators, support workers, families – over seven days of curiosity, connection and making.

The film shows how wordless languages are amplified in the studio. Interactions with and through materials reveal the essence of each person. Trusted relationships come to the fore against a backdrop of image making.

A still from the film I've Got Ideas. Don't You Worry. George stands painting at a table while Maya crouches beside him watching what he is doing. Both seem to be concentrating.

Image: FILM STILL-10, Maya and George, I’ve Got Ideas. Don’t You Worry, 2023

A still from the film, I've Got Ideas. Don't You Worry. Heidi and Patricia enjoy playing with silver material and are laughing together.

Image: FILM STILL-8, Heidi and Patricia, I’ve Got Ideas. Don’t You Worry, 2023

Residential is open at Baltic Centre of Contemporary Art from 23 September 2023 – 25 February 2024. I’ve Got Ideas. Don’t You Worry is split over three screens in the exhibition space surrounded by works from the Project Art Works archive.

Thanks to those who feature, and to everyone who is part of the Hastings studio. Your work is the bedrock of our practice, and has a fitting place at the centre of Residential.

This exhibition is part of Explorers and is supported by Arts Council England and Paul Hamlin Foundation.

Lead Image:  Patrica and Michelle, I’ve Got Ideas. Don’t You Worry, 2023


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