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Delighted to be able to share that KIN has been selected to screen at the London Short Film Festival, 19th to 28th January 2024. KIN will be screened on Saturday 27th January at 14.00. You can book tickets here.

About KIN

Growing up Mell wished her autistic brother could speak – now, in adulthood, she realises you don’t have to talk to explain what you need. KIN is a coming-of-age story between two sisters (Mell and Janine) and their neurodivergent and autistic brother (Carl), exploring sibling relationships, family duty and care.

Against a backdrop of cherished family photos and Carl’s striking artwork, the sisters look back on their childhood and share their dreams for the future. KIN charts the siblings’ transition into adulthood alongside the evolution of the digital photographic age and Carl’s art practice. Individual and collective memories play a central part in the film and become a vehicle through which topics such as conflict, separation and connection are subtly woven.

Reflecting the depth of relationships and holistic support for artists and families within the Hastings-based art collective Project Art Works, KIN offers a perspective on caring for a sibling with complex support needs, rarely represented in the media. Informed by co-director Esther Springett’s own experience growing up and supporting her sister and family, the film lifts the lid on a lesser-heard sibling voice. Tim Corrigan (co-director) brings together beautifully crafted and touching scenes from Carl’s artistic life over the years, radiating from the Project Art Works studios.

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