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Project Art Works has loaned a small collection of works to the newly refurbished and reopened Observer Building in Hastings.

We are already connected to Hastings Commons, who own and manage the building, through Untitled Gallery at 12 Claremont. The works by neurodiverse artists from our studio will sit in co working spaces and in the new cafe space building on opportunities to reach new audiences and raise awareness.

Works selected are by Carl Sexton, Sam Smith and Aida Ashall. Another piece on display is one of the oldest in our archive, created in 1996 during a workshop at Glynde Gap School.

Hastings Commons is a pioneering approach to community-led regeneration. The Commons own and manage a diverse set of buildings in the White Rock area of Hastings. The vision is much bigger than owning and managing buildings. It’s really about the people in the buildings, how they live, work and play together. Hastings Commons serves as a beacon marking a different approach to development, for the community, by the community. Find out more at:

If you are interested in the Art on Loan project please contact Jessica Courtney Bennett at [email protected].

Observer Building