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It’s been seven weeks since the exhibition at Phoenix Art Space of Lucy, Jack, Gabby.

The exhibition was the first major exhibition for all three emerging, young artists and included a programme of residencies and workshops. The exhibition proved to be a transformative experience for Lucy Jenion, Jack Goldsmith and Gabby R who took ownership of the space, presented their work to visitors and found it to influence their practise.

With their permission works from the exhibition are now available to buy on  Untitled Gallery.

Read a review of the exhibition on Art et al. here.

Gabby R, Rainbow Master Rat, 2021

Image: Gabby R, Rainbow Master Rat, 2021, £800

Shop for Gabby’s work here

Lucy Jenion, Paddington, 2021

Image: Lucy Jenion, Paddington, 2021, £2000

Shop for Lucy’s work here

Jack Goldsmith, Untitled/Skull HAY!!!, 2022

Image: Jack Goldsmith, Untitled/Skull HAY!!!, 2022, £200

Shop for Jack’s work here


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