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Jack Goldsmith

Jack Goldsmith Self Portrait

Jack Goldsmith

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In conversation with Jack Goldsmith and Oliver Crowther, Artist Facilitator.

OC: How would you describe your work?

JG: Particularly great. It just shows textures and colours and all.

OC: Skulls are a recurring theme in your work. What is it about skulls that interest you?

JG: Skulls show what your head looks like on the inside. A skull shows weirdness, I guess.

OC: Your work is often quite graphic in appearance. How do you decide on your use of colour and line?

JG: I use my head and put what looks good together. I try to make work inspired by world famous artists.

OC: Paint seems to be the material you most often use. Why is this?

JG: Paint shows great colours and the skills you have on the inside of you.

OC: Is there anything else you would like to add?

JG: Just become an artist your own way.

Buy work by Jack Goldsmith here at Untitled Gallery.

Exhibitions & Residencies

Coastal Currents, Project Art Works studio, Hastings, 2022