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Mark Daniels

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Mark Daniels, Artist

Mark Daniels

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I make foxes, I swim in the sea. I draw every day.

I just love those moments when you notice the wild in the corner of your eye. These encounters are what my art is about. A few years ago I decided that every fox, crow and badger I saw would be held as a totemic event and made into an artwork.

In my ‘Skulk’ Project I record a brief description of each fox I see then make a version of it from clay, bisque fire it, then glaze it as close as I can to colours and markings of the original fox, then fire it again. I’ve just completed my 500th fox. These have all scurried off to new homes now.

I sketch daily at different scales.

My ‘Observered Books’ series is a way to attempt and master drawing different animals that I might develop into larger works.

Of late, I’ve been making life sized artworks which take many days and nights, as I stubbornly insist on rendering every individual strand of fur or feather.
I also write two 13 Word stories a day, one in he morning and one at the end of the day. I’ve no idea why I do this in the slightest.

I recently graduated with distinction in a Masters Degree in Sequential Design and Illustration at Brighton University.

I attained a Bachelors degree in Fine Art Printmaking at Loughborough University and a BTEC in Art and Design at the legendary Lowestoft College in another life.

At one time or another I have been a butcher, a fishmonger, an art teacher and a carpenter, sometimes concurrently.