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Intersection is a commission opportunity created by Fabrica, centre for contemporary art in Brighton & Hove, and Project Art Works, Hastings, the UK’s leading visual artist-led organisations working with people who have complex needs and the people, systems and services that support them.

We wish to co-commission an artwork for Fabrica’s space that will resonate with neurodiverse audiences.  We anticipate this will be an immersive, sensually stimulating art installation that will invite audiences to interact with it and each other, non-verbally.

Through this commission we wish to consider two questions or themes:

  1. How architecture or constructed environments affect behaviour.
  2. The nature of consciousness and communication: How the world might appear to someone who is unable to cognitively assimilate knowledge? How communication occurs between people who do, and who do not use spoken language? And in what ways that connection can occur?

The work will be presented as an exhibition, at Fabrica during July and August 2017. The exhibition will be accompanied by a programme of debates, events and hands-on activities that will be suitable for people with very different mental capacities.

We believe this commission to be an innovative and challenging proposition – for the selected artist, for us as the co-commissioners and for the audiences who will encounter it.  We wish to commission one artist (or a pre-existing artist group), with a strong track record. We are inviting artists to apply who are living and working in the UK, EU and/or Iceland, Norway, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, Republic of Serbia, Turkey, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine.

Proposal Document

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