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NEWS RELEASE                                                                 ISSUED: 31/01/2023

Lucy, Jack, Gabby

Phoenix Art Space, Brighton
4th March – 23rd April 2023

Project Art Works and Phoenix Art Space present the process of three emerging neurodivergent artists in a forthcoming exhibition ‘Lucy, Jack, Gabby.

All members of Project Art Works in Hastings, the three artists’ work is united by careful and often meticulous practices of collecting, researching and reimagining. Mining rich seams ranging from popular culture to natural history, the artists’ practices reveal something about the unique way in which each of them, and us, see the world. Defying categorisation and disciplinary boundaries, each artist pursues a diverse practice that encompasses varied modes of making.

Jack Goldsmith, 2022, PAW

Image: Jack Goldsmith, 2022 © Project Art Works

Jack Goldsmiths’s practice includes painting, printmaking and multimedia 3D work. He has a strong interest in colour and works with paint and other materials to express and validate his inner and lived experience. Jack has recently been awarded a Developing Your Creative Practice grant from Arts Council England so he can further develop his skills in ceramics and build collaborations with other artists and studios.

Lucy Jenion, 2022, PAW

Image: Lucy Jenion, 2022 © Project Art Works

Working extensively with animated films as reference material, Lucy Jenion’s practice is centred on drawing, painting and photography. Lucy’s dense journals offer a record of her deep research process, which often takes a particular film, character or cultural moment as its starting point. Lucy works with imagination and skill to render the resulting scenes in vivid colours and minute detail, often situating herself as a character within the piece.

Gabby R, 2022, PAW

Image: Gabby R, 2022 © Project Art Works

Gabby R is a prolific maker whose work demonstrates mastery of less conventional materials including hot glue, pipe cleaners and found objects. Through the assemblage of these basic components, Gabby creates vividly imagined characters that mimic or embellish creatures found in the natural world. Alongside her three-dimensional work, Gabby uses collage, drawing and painting to document the creatures she creates and their unique features and qualities.

Patricia Finnegan, Artist Development Lead of Project Art Works comments “We are all very excited to be working with Phoenix Art Space again. Lucy, Jack and Gabby all have distinct way of exploring materials and subject in their practice. The exhibition will be a wonderful opportunity to share these insights with a wider audience through curation, workshops and residency.

I am so delighted to be welcoming Project Art Works back to Phoenix and very much looking forward to the exhibition by Jack, Lucy and Gabby. The imaginative dexterity of their individual practices shines throughout the exhibition, inviting us to witness the joy inherent in making and presenting work. These three highly talented artists offer their unique perspectives on our world, sharing with us their specific experiences and creative processes.” Lucy Day, Executive Director, Phoenix Art Space

The exhibition will present a range of work by each of these three emerging artists on their own terms, reflecting their relationships with their practices, the studio and each other.

Throughout the term of the exhibition there will be a programme of artist residencies, talks and a family focused workshop.

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To download a press pack of high res images please visit:


Jessica Courtney Bennett, Communications & Projects Manager, Project Art Works [email protected]

01424 423 555            Arch 3, Braybrooke Terrace, Hastings, TN34 1TD

Note to editors:

About Project Art Works

Project Art Works collaborates with people with complex support needs, families and circles of support. Their practice intersects art and care, responding to neurodivergence, its gifts and impacts. Challenging paradigms of inclusion, it spans direct practical and holistic support, film, events, projects and exhibitions.

Their studios provide the conditions for a broad range of autonomous and collaborative practices with neurodivergent artists, who take part on their own terms. Alongside the studios, the Support Collective brings together people who care for people with complex support needs where we share our experience and protect our rights through training, resources and advocacy. Human connection and what it reveals about identity and how we view each other are explored within their work. Their practice continues to respond to the functional and ethical structures of diligence and care, respecting self-determination and privacy whilst working towards greater visibility and understanding of neurodiversity in culture.

Project Art Works is an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation.

For more information:  | @projectartworks

About Phoenix Art Space
Established as a charity in 1995 and located in the centre of Brighton, Phoenix Art Space provides and maintains a range of creative opportunities including: 100 affordable artists’ studios, two public galleries, around 15 free exhibitions per year. The learning and community engagement programme at Phoenix Art Space offers everyone the chance to be creative. Activities include talks and presentations from artists & arts organisations, family fun days, short courses, one-day events & drop-in workshops.

For more information:

Lead Image: Lucy Jenion, Spirit,2022


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