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Art. Freedom. Care. is a new programme funded by Three Guineas Trust and Paul Hamlyn Foundation. This programme highlights the creative and social contribution of people with complex needs, families and support workers.

Through Art Freedom Care we interrogate and promote creative and sustainable models of artist development and care through research and a wide range of productions and partnerships.

  • Art Freedom Care will provide Continued Professional Development opportunities for neurodiverse artists and makers, through studio-based and digital collaborations. The work of neurodiverse artists will be made visible in our new gallery Untitled and in cultural organisations nationally and internationally through the new phase of Explorers. This strand of Art. Freedom. Care. has developed from our work with neurodiverse artists in the studio and Studio B, and is called the Artist Collective.
  • Through free training, skills development and advocacy, families and caregivers will have opportunities to utilise and develop their knowledge of health and social care systems, gain practical training specific to supporting people with complex needs, explore bespoke models of care and support and how to realise these in a way that improves their lives. This strand of Art Freedom Care has developed from our work with the Peer Support Network and is called the Support Collective.
  • Project Art Works is developing a research strand to Art Freedom Care working with neurominorities, support workers and national health and social care organisations. The purpose is to build an evidence base for investment in sustainable and personalised support for people with complex needs that improves their lives. We will develop resources for commissioners and social work teams in Continuing Health Care and Adult Social Care. This strand of Art Freedom Care has developed from our work with the Peer Support Network and is called the Complex Needs Consortium.

Keep an eye on this website as we announce developments.

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