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Explorers Project is a dynamic collaborative programme of art and action that opens up routes into artistic practice for neurominorities, dismantling attitudinal and systemic barriers to representation and rights in art and society.

Explorers is a national creative programme increasing the visibility and representation of neurodivergent artists in contemporary visual art.

The Explorers Project:

  • Creates platforms for neurodivergent artists.
  • Creates pathways for cultural organisations to deepen their understanding and commit to inviting neurodivergent people and carers into their spaces.
  • Works towards changing the discourse of how neurodivergent artists are positioned and described in culture.

Explorers Project Partners

It responds to the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on disabled people and will harness the collaborative momentum of EXPLORERS 2017-2020 working towards systemic change.

The Explorers Project is supported by Arts Council England and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. 

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