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The Peer Support Network at Project Art Works brings together people who have complex support needs, families, carers, support workers, commissioners and providers to share their knowledge and experience. The Network is an initiative developed in direct response to a need articulated by the individuals and families we work with.

Network events

Each event explores the lived experience of disability, celebrating best practice and also working constructively with providers to identify and find solutions to gaps in services, information and provision. Network members are encouraged to work together to achieve successful personalised pathways for the people they care for and support.

Recent workshops and forums have focused on understanding challenging behaviour and supporting behaviour change, as well as an empowering PATH planning workshop. PATH is a visual planning tool that enables you to rapidly capture a huge amount of information that supports aspirational planning for the future.

The Peer Support Network regularly gets together to build on local intelligence and support each other to make informed decisions. We facilitate discussions with providers, invite specialist speakers in health and social care and host practical workshops.

The Peer Support Network has its own Facebook page, which you can ‘Like’ here. It also has a YouTube channel to share ideas and experiences. You can view the films here.

If you are interested in the network or attending the events please contact Esther Springett at [email protected].

To receive regular updates, sign up to the Peer Support Network mailing list here.