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PROPEL, is a three-year programme of specialist studio provision in Hastings and Peer support for new and existing participants with complex needs and their families.


The Tuesday Accelerate Studios is a creative studio programme for adults with complex needs, including those with profound and multiple needs. An experienced artist team support the workshops to facilitate choice and exploration through art.

Within the studio, the artist team create changing installations and sensory environments to engage participants in collaborative and individual creative journeys.

A wide range of professional media and creative processes are available including: painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, sculpture, animation and photography. Participants also have regular opportunities to visit exhibitions and events at galleries, parks and nature reserves within the area.


Project Art Works’ Supported Studios enable adults with complex needs to develop their creative practice alongside an Artist Mentor and explore their potential as artists. The project is delivered at the Project Art Works studio base in Hastings.

We have created a studio setting where a diverse cohort of individuals, with the support of their family and key people in their lives, can further their learning and take more control over their own trajectory as artists. The studio promotes a group ethos, with participants’ developing their personal practice and adaptive skills whilst supporting and encouraging their peers.

Thursday & Friday

Parachute ACTIVATE is a project for people in need of positive and creative solutions to particular periods of transition in their lives. The project offers a wide range of high quality materials and equipment, which the participants are encouraged to use them in exciting and expansive ways. Set in the Project Art Works, the project is facilitated by two experienced artists and a trained support worker. The artists and support worker have training in techniques such as Positive Behaviour Support, Person Centred Active Support and Total Communication.

Spaces are available across our programme. Please contact Matthew Pitts to discuss a visit to the studio in Hastings and costings.

[email protected] / 01424 423555