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Introduced in response to the March 2020 national lockdown, Studio B is a programme that addresses the unique challenges of COVID-19 through digital and community-based creative practice. Working with neurodivergent artists, collaborators, families and caregivers, we have facilitated ongoing in-depth collaborations through personalised pathways of creative contact and exchange.

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As restrictions change and the national situation evolves in response to COVID-19, we have made our studio spaces Covid Secure and offer a blended creative programme which spans Studio B remote interaction, and studio-based creative practice as part of Art Freedom Care in our building when restrictions allow.

During the Winter 2020 national lockdown we are reintroducing Studio B as the needs of our collaborators for meaningful creative engagement, support and social connection are perhaps greater than ever.

How Studio B works

Using telephone calls, letters, postcards, video conferencing, email, the exchange of objects (where this can be achieved safely) and – in some cases – direct support, the artist/makers associated with Project Art Works are continuing to collaborate and make work. Creative pathways are designed with each artist/maker and will continue to evolve as we learn more about working in this new way. This is providing much-needed creativity and connection for us all and helps us to be more resilient to meet the uncertainties and challenges of this time.

If you have any questions about Studio B or Project Art Works programmes please contact Creative Programme Managers Katie Taylor and Patricia Finnegan.